How can I get in touch with the Home Office online?

The Home office deals with most issues relating to immigration, immigration crime, anti-terrorism, passports, and DBS checks. As these are all quite serious topics it is not advisable that you discuss them over social media but if you would like to keep up to date with announcements from the home office you can follow them on Facebook:

Or you can follow them on Twitter which is much more active:

the official government web pages are the best place to get information you may need about the following departments:

UK Visas and Immigration:
Here you can check if you need a UK Visa to visit, apply for a UK Visa as well as find all the rules and regulation and information you may need about settling in the UK.

How else can I contact the Home Office?

Reporting Immigration Crime:
In an emergency situation, you should always call 999, but if you want to report a non emergency crime you can contact the immigration enforcing hotline on:
0300 123 7000
Or you can use the online form:

Reporting Fraud:
You can contact the anti-fraud hotline:
0800 788 887 Monday-Sunday 8am-8pm

Reporting Terrorism:
You can contact the Anti-Terrorist Hotline:
0800 789 321

If you are not comfortable reporting potential crimes directly to the government bodies then you can also contact crime stoppers on 0800 555 111.

DBS Checks:
For all the information you need, prices and forms for DBS checks you can visit the .gov portal page:

For all passport related enquiries such as applying, getting a rushed passport, getting your first passport, renewing, changing details, getting a passport for a child and reporting a lost passport you can go to the dedicated passports web page:

If you have a complaint about any of the sub departments of the home office then you can complain by sending an email to:

Or you can write to them at:
Complaints allocation hub
Central point of receipt
11th Floor
Lunar House
40 Wellesley Road

If you are complaining about a visa application then you will need to complain via the dedicated form which can be found here:

Most complaints will be answered within 20 working days but complaints about serious professional misconduct can take up to 12 weeks to be dealt with. You can also get in touch with the Home Office using our Home Office contact number which connects you through to their main team. Call today.

If you are not happy with the response received you can escalate your complaint to the Parliamentary and Health services ombudsman:

In order to do this, you will need to get your MP to back the complaint, you can find details of your local MP here:

You will need to fill in the complaint form and get your MP to sign it prior to sending it to the ombudsman, the complaint form can be found here:

If you need any help completing the form you can phone 0345 015 4033 for advice.
Once you have completed the form you can email it to:

Or you can send it to:
Customer Services
Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
Millbank Tower