Home Office Complaints – 0843 487 1813

Home Office ComplaintsThe home office is the department of the government that is responsible for law and order, security and immigration. These are sensitive areas and as such the Home Office is the subject of a number of complaints each year. Here you can learn more about the Home Office complaints procedure. You will learn which Home Office contact number you need to call in order to make a complaint and the correct process you need to follow in order to have your complaint resolved successfully. You will also learn how you can learn what the home office appeals procedure is in the case your complaint is unsuccessful.

What is the home office complaints number?

In order to make a complaint to the Home Office you need to call the Home Office complaints phone number on 020 7035 484. When you contact the Home Office complaints phone number you need to ask which department you want to be put through to. This will be based on whether your home office complaint is in regards to immigration, law and order or security.

What you need to give when you make a complaint

When you make a complaint to the Home Office will need to provide them with full details about the complaint. This includes which part of the Home Office your complaint is in reference to. If you have been provided with a contact name you should provide it at this point. You will also need to give your full address including your postal address, phone number and email. Finally you need to provide the Home Office with explanation of how you want your complaint resolved.

How long does it take for a complaint to be dealt with?

The Home Office states that they will you with any complaint within twenty working days. If they are unable to resolve the complaint within this time period or need to conduct a more in-depth investigation, then they will detail the timeline for the complaint to be resolved. 

If the Home Office is at fault they will discuss where they could have handled the matter better and what can be done to ensure this doesn’t happen in future. If they do not find your complaint to be valid then they will tell you why. 

How to appeal your home office complaint

If you are unhappy with the way that you Home Office complaint is being dealt with the next step is to ask it to be forwarded to a more senior member of the Home Office staff. A senior member will then look at your complaint and decide whether action is to be taken or if the situation has reached a deadlock. If you are still unable to receive a resolution at this point in time you can use the home office appeals number to contact the Parliamentary and Health Service ombudsman.

The Home Office has a well established process of dealing with complaints. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated by the home office then you should take up the opportunity to have your complaint heard.